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When it comes to needing urgent medical courier services, it doesn’t get more demanding than a situation where medical equipment and supplies are urgently needed.

At Dispatchit, we work with healthcare centres, hospitals and laboratories to deliver medical supplies, and we understand the demands put on us by our clients.

Medical products don’t just need to arrive the same day, they need to arrive safely and in prime condition. Medical products can also have regulatory and other requirements which impact how they are packaged and transported. 

Medical supplies couriers you can trust

Using our extensive fleet of vehicles and highly trained staff, we provide delivery of medical equipment and supplies including medicines, testing equipment, blood supplies and pathology samples.

There are various reasons why you should use Dispatchit for your medical supplies.

Dispatchit has proven experience as medical supplies couriers and you can trust us to deliver to your requirements and expected standards.

We are also established experts in same-day delivery. If you need to have something delivered as quickly as possible then you can be confident using Dispatchit for urgent courier services. Our business has been built around helping customers to get same-day delivery of their goods.

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Emergency medical couriers FAQs

Yes, we do. We offer urgent courier services where test samples need to be delivered quickly or items have a short shelf life. Make sure to let us know any requirements you have when booking with us..

We provide same-day collection and delivery to and from hospitals to ensure that patients and staff get the emergency supplies that they need. This includes in-patient and outpatient care.

Emergency medical couriers, also referred to as a same-day medical supplies courier (or simply a medical supplies courier), offer fast and safe delivery of medical products. 

In most cases, medical supplies delivery is urgent and is required on the same day that the products are picked up.

We are a medical supplies courier for the south coast area including Southampton, Portsmouth and Poole. If you are looking for a same-day medical supplies courier in the Hampshire and Dorset area, get in touch.

This depends on the various situations and circumstances and can include the urgent delivery of medicines, quick delivery of test results to a laboratory and the urgent need for medical equipment and PPE to be delivered to a hospital or outpatient. 

These are just a few examples and if you need anything medical delivered urgently, we have the experience and ability to help! 

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