Flavoursome but fragile: choosing the right couriers for food sample deliveries

When it comes to timely and safe delivery, it doesn’t get more important than delivering food samples to potential new customers.

At Dispatchit, we have worked with many food designers and manufacturers over the years to provide timed deliveries of food samples. This might not sound that amazing, but these deliveries are usually for product sampling meetings at large retailers - so you can imagine the challenges involved - and now important it is for our customer that everything runs smoothly.

No food manufacturer wants their products arriving late or “squished up” or flattened when it arrives for potentially one of the most important meetings that they could be involved in!

Appearance and trust are critical when it comes to a large retail brand deciding if a product should be offered to their customers - and so it’s critical that the food sample is delivered on time and looking perfect in terms of appearance.

The key ingredients for fragile good couriers?

We can’t comment on the ingredients of the food samples that we deliver (although we are sure that our customers provide only the best in terms of delicious food products).

We can, however, provide you with insights (or the ingredients) for a successful delivery of food samples:

Trusted sameday couriers:

Working with local couriers that have a proven track record in delivering on time, and to the highest standard is important. It’s really not worth risking a huge order from a large retailer because you used a badly organised or unprofessional business to deliver for you.

If your courier has experience in fragile sameday deliveries, including food sample deliveries then even better!

The right fleet of vehicles and personnel

Whoever you use to handle your food sample deliveries, they need to have the right fleet of vehicles and trained staff who know and understand your challenges.

They should also offer rapid dispatch and be able to track the delivery including proof of delivery.

Finding out you didn’t get the business because your sample wasn’t delivered is not a great situation to be faced with!

Great (and effective) communication

The sameday couriers that you use must be made clear how important it is that your food sample must arrive on time and with the highest level of care.

While all goods delivered by Dispatchit Couriers arrive undamaged, we understand the added importance and care when it comes to fragile deliveries such as sample food products.

Communication works both ways and your courier should keep you up to date on progress so that you can rest assured that the retailer has received the food sample.

Need help with food sample deliveries?

At Dispatchit, we are the experts in fragile sameday deliveries of products. If you need a food sample delivered to a retailer or any other business, get in touch and we would be happy to discuss how we can help.

FAQs on fragile good couriers

Fragile goods couriers have knowledge and expertise in delivering goods that could break easily. This can include food samples as well as items such as plates and glass products.

Not all fragile goods couriers provide a quick delivery but, at Dispatchit, we are also timed and sameday couriers, which means you are guaranteed to have your fragile items delivered on the same day.

Is there anything we need to worry about or prepare when it comes to fragile deliveries?

When it comes to fragile deliveries, it’s important that the product is protected and secured to the highest standard. Our team can advise you on how to package up your fragile or food sample depending on the type and size of the product.