Packing items for a courier is an important task that needs to be done with care. Using a reliable and reputable courier such as Dispatchit is important to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time, but correct packing of your goods reduces any risks of damage that can happen during the transit of your valuables.

The way that your goods should be packaged will depend to some extent on what’s being collected and delivered - and we will go through some of the specifics of these later.

First of all, let’s go through some basic tips that apply to the majority of goods that a courier needs to deliver.

Here are the steps on how to pack items for a courier: 

  1. Pack items in small boxes or bags, and make sure they are securely closed.
  2. Make sure that there are no sharp edges or points on the items that you are packing.
  3. Place fragile items in bubble wrap, foam, or some other form of protective material before placing them in a box.
  4. When packing liquids, place them at the bottom of a box so the package doesn't leak during transit.
  5. Seal up the box with tape so that it cannot be opened from any side or end without cutting through it first.
  6. Write your name and address on the outside of the box in big letters so that they are easy to read when they arrive at their destination and you can easily identify which package belongs to you among many others waiting for pickup at the agreed collection point.
  7. Keep the box upright at all times and don’t stack multiple boxes if there is a risk of damage to the packaging as a result.

At Dispatchit, we are sameday couriers, focused on the safe and timely delivery of your goods. If you have any questions about the tips above, get in touch before we collect your items to ensure a smooth process when it comes to picking up and delivery of your packages.

We will now cover how some items should be packed differently.

How to pack medical items for couriers:

Don’t pack medical items in a box that’s too large, as this will risk them moving during transit - resulting in potential damage. Make sure to use “filler” materials around any medical equipment to hold the equipment in place, and to prevent them from moving.

We recommend that you include an inventory list of all the equipment that’s in the box. This will help the courier prepare for any special needs during transit. You should also label the box with "Fragile: Handle With Care" and, like with other packages, keep it upright at all times.

How to pack food items for couriers: 

Packaging food items for a courier is not as simple as it seems. It requires a lot of thought and planning to ensure that the food items are well-protected from damage during transit.

There are many factors to consider when packing food items for a courier. A major factor is the type of packaging you will use. If you are shipping fragile glassware, for example, then you will need to use more protective packaging than if you were shipping canned goods or dry packaged goods.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Place the food items in the bottom of a sturdy container.
  • Wrap each item with paper or foil and secure it, possibly with a rubber band.
  • Place any fragile items like eggs, glass jars, and butter at the top of the container.
  • Fill any remaining space with paper towels to absorb any spills.

How to pack liquids for couriers:

Make sure that any liquids are properly labelled and kept in a sealed airtight container. It’s worth repeating that if you are packing multiple items then store liquids at the bottom to avoid any leaks causing damage to other items.

When packaging liquids, also make sure that there are no sharp objects close to the container as this can increase the risks of damaging the container, resulting in a leak,

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