The delivery of human blood samples for testing is a task that requires the highest level of professionalism and understanding. You certainly wouldn’t trust your general ‘doorstep dumping’ type of delivery company to manage your precious time-sensitive package!

At Dispatchit Couriers, we understand that blood samples for vaccines and other viruses need to be handled with the utmost care, while still being delivered quickly. They are highly confidential and any delay to the delivery time risks a change to the state of the sample that can impact test results.

And that’s why we are number one when it comes to looking for urgent medical couriers. We ensure that emergency blood sample deliveries are completed within the same day that they are collected.

Urgent medical couriers for blood samples

There has been a huge growth in couriers over recent years with more people having goods shipped to their home or office, rather than going to the shops or any other physical location to make purchases.

Whether it’s having fast food delivered to your door, the latest gadgets from Amazon or your weekly shopping from the supermarket, delivery drivers are in high demand.

Unfortunately, none of these companies have the skills and expertise to handle emergency blood sample deliveries.

Dispatchit Couriers are different (in a good way). We have many years of proven emergency and timed delivery experience working with laboratories and medical organisations to ensure that blood samples and medical supplies are delivered exactly how they need to be, and when they should be.

Our team of professional drivers are trained to handle each medical shipment the way it should be, while not wasting any time during the process. We also have a growing fleet of vans and other vehicles to ensure that we can manage your delivery in local towns and cities in areas such as Poole and Portsmouth.

To summarise, we don’t just offer urgent courier services, we offer speedy but safe same-day courier services for important packages such as human blood samples. And if you use our services, you will be delighted by the service we provide.

To book your next delivery or to find out more about our services, get in touch.

Emergency medical couriers FAQs

At Dispatchit Couriers, we provide emergency blood sample deliveries on the same day that they are collected. Our processes and systems are built around delivery within the same day or within 24 hours, depending on what time the package is collected. Get in touch with our emergency couriers to find out more.

Yes, we do. Our urgent courier services cover a range of items. If you have highly confidential paperwork or medical equipment that you need collecting or sending to a laboratory or medical centre then we can also help with that.

We provide sameday medical couriers support across the south coast of England, including Poole, Portsmouth and Southampton. Get in touch to find out if we can support you locally.